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Best Pumpkin Patches to Visit Near Lehi

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday activities that will help you get into the festive spirit! With a crazy year like no other, you might be planning to stick to your family’s favorites. Or maybe the chaos of the year has you ready to try something new and start a different tradition! 

Whichever the case, we want to help you find the perfect pumpkin patch to kick off your fall activities. After all, pumpkin patches are a staple fall favorite! And near Lehi, there are a variety to choose from, including Pumpkinland, Cornbelly’s, and the Pumpkin Patch at Carlisle Gardens.


Vineyard Garden Center is all about getting into the festive spirit! Their wide selection of pumpkins makes this one of the best places to go pumpkin picking near Lehi! Among the growing squash, corn, and other delicious crops, you are sure to find the perfect pumpkin for any occasion! 

If you are looking for more than just the pumpkin patch experience, Pumpkinland keeps the kids entertained with farm animals, a corn maze, a playground, and more! There’s no way this fall adventure isn’t on your list of places to go next! 


The ultimate Halloween experience can be found locally in one of Lehi’s most well-known locations. Thanksgiving Point is one of two locations that hosts Cornbelly’s events and attractions each year! Over 50 attractions bring local and nonlocal visitors to Lehi every night, starting September 24! With a U-Pick pumpkin patch open October 1–30, the sooner you plan to get there, the better.

Picking isn’t the only thing you can do with pumpkins at Cornbelly’s. Bring your own pumpkins, or just come to watch as Thanksgiving Point completes its eighth annual Pumpkin Smash! October 30 will definitely be a date to put on the calendar this year!

The Pumpkin Patch at Carlisle Gardens

Many pumpkin patches have strayed away from the U-Pick style this year and are closing their rides and attractions. Even though this may be the case, many pumpkin patches like The Pumpkin Patch at Carlisle Gardens are giving you the perfect opportunity to create your own perfect at-home DIY fall memories! 

Located in American Fork, The Pumpkin Patch is still offering pumpkins to purchase at the front. Take these pumpkins home and create anything from festive fall decor to the perfect haunted house jack-o-lanterns! And of course, don’t forget to snap a picture of your exceptional artistic creations! 

Each year as fall comes around, we have more opportunities to explore new places! These are just a few of many great pumpkin patches to visit around the Lehi area. Try something new this year! And if that includes finding a new place to live, take this chance to explore the Ridge Apartments—just miles from all of these fantastic Halloween activities! Come check out our floor plans designed to match your lifestyle!

Top Romantic Restaurants Near Lehi, Utah

Our lives are busy and rushed. Everything is about speed and efficiency. Even eating out occasionally seems like a race to be finished. While the world is speeding up, however, one thing won’t—nor should—ever go out of style: slowing down for a nice, romantic dinner with your significant other.

Lucky for us, there are many wonderful romantic restaurants near Lehi, Utah, that are perfect for a nice, relaxing evening with your partner. Here are three of our favorites.

Bona Vita Italian Bistro

Nothing says “romantic” like Italian, the language of love and culture most often associated with romance. Bona Vita Italian Bistro is a classic Italian restaurant located at Traverse Mountain in Lehi, Utah. Their menu offers gourmet pizza, pasta, ravioli, salads, sandwiches, meat, and more. Their most popular dishes include the Ravioli Di Formaggio, Butternut Squash Ravioli, BV Burger, Chicken Parmigiana, and Scampi Alonso (bacon-wrapped shrimp).

Customers love the quaint and cozy atmosphere as well as the exceptional service. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant for your night out, Bona Vita in Lehi, Utah is definitely a place to try.

Saibadee Thai Cuisine

Although it appears plain on the outside, Saibadee Thai Cuisine is an exquisite restaurant with a unique, decorative interior that will make you feel like you are in Bangkok for the evening. They have a vast menu of traditional Thai dishes from pad to curry. If you like Thai food, Saibadee has spot-on flavors that will not disappoint. Plus, your date will be charmed by the decorative, ethnic ambiance.

Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point has multiple dining options, but Harvest Restaurant is the best choice for a romantic occasion. There is spacious indoor and outdoor seating, with beautiful alcoves for an intimate setting with your date. Popular menu items include the prime rib, french onion soup, chicken pot pie, french onion soup, and halibut tacos. If you get the chance, head to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, for a romantic dinner that is sure to hit the spot.

If you haven’t taken the time lately to slow down for a romantic evening dinner with your significant other, now’s your chance. These romantic restaurants near Lehi, Utah, are three excellent options to try out. 

Are you looking for apartments in Lehi, Utah? In the center of it all, ICO Ridge Apartments offers two- and three-bedroom apartments for rent in Lehi, Utah. Check us out today!

Image courtesy of Erica B. on Yelp

How to Live Green at ICO Ridge’s Lehi Apartments

Each day, an average American family of four uses up to 260 gallons of water. Also, electricity, paper, and plastic are continually wasted all over the country. Unfortunately, these trends are damaging our natural environment.

At ICO Ridge’s Lehi Apartments, we are committed to promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle and doing our part to protect the planet. Here are a few suggestions of what you can do to go green at our apartments in Lehi.

Reduce Your Use of Water

Did you know that 3.6 billion people reside in areas where water is considered a scarce resource? Utah is one of the many places around the nation that experience hot, dry summers. We encourage residents at our apartments in Lehi to be conscientious of water use. Here are a few ways you can reduce your use of water:

  • Keep an eye out for leaks. A faucet that leaks just one drop of water per second adds up to 165 gallons per month! Be aware of any drips and report them to maintenance. We’re happy to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t dilly-dally in the shower. The average American uses 37 gallons of water each time they shower. Do your best to shower quickly and efficiently so you can avoid using more water than necessary.
  • Don’t flush unnecessarily. Every time you flush a toilet, it uses about 3.5 gallons of water. Don’t flush garbage down the toilet. Instead, use it only for its intended purpose.
  • Turn off the water. Whether you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes, don’t leave the faucet running. Take a few extra seconds to turn it off and then back on when you need it.
  • Wash with full loads. When you do decide to use the dishwasher or washing machine, make sure you do so only with full loads. This will reduce the number of times you have to run the machines, saving time, water, and money.

By making these small changes, you can make a big difference in the amount of water you use each day.

Cut Down on Energy Use

With a few additional guidelines, you can save not only on water but also on energy usage. Here are some helpful tips to cut down on energy use at our apartments in Lehi:

  • Turn off the lights. This one is simple. When you leave a room, try to make it a habit to turn off the lights on your way out. Also, maximize natural lighting during the day.
  • Unplug what you can. If you have any electronics, lamps, chargers, or appliances that aren’t being used, unplug them! This will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used in your apartment.
  • Wash laundry in cold water. Consider washing your clothes in cold water. This will reduce the energy used to heat the water and keep your clothes from shrinking!

Cutting back on the energy used in your apartment will not only save money but also reduce your ecological footprint, contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.


The most well-known way to live green is to recycle, and we encourage all residents to follow suit. You can recycle plastic bottles and containers, empty cans, paper, and flattened cardboard. However, you cannot recycle food, liquid, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or cups with wax or plastic coating. In Lehi, you can take your recycling to Waste Management.

We encourage all at ICO Ridge’s Lehi Apartments to implement these suggestions. By changing your daily habits to live sustainably, you can do your part to protect the environment and save our earth.

Apartment Decorating Tips to Turn Your Space into a Home

For many, renting an apartment is the new normal, even taking the place of purchasing a home. While renting a living space has its advantages, it can be challenging to make a temporary living space feel homey. Still, by decorating your apartment with things that you enjoy, you can make your place your own.

Want to decorate your apartment? Our team at ICO Ridge in Lehi has some tips to help you transform your space into a home.

Divide Your Space

Open floor plans are more popular than ever. This is on-trend with minimalism, the practice of conscious consumption. That said, too much open space can also feel empty, lonely, or boring. Consider using room dividers to section large rooms into smaller, more individualized spaces. This not only adds a splash of color but also gives the room a homier feel. For those of you working from home, this apartment decorating tip also allows you to separate your office space from your general purpose, living room, or kitchen space. This ensures the creation of a more suitable and productive work environment.

It’s All in the Details

Nothing says “cozy” like a big fluffy blanket or a squishy pillow. Decorating your apartment with pillows and blankets can make sitting areas more inviting, not to mention they are an inexpensive way to add more color, character, and style to your apartment. With the addition of some decorative pillows and blankets, your apartment will both look and feel more like home.

Don’t Forget Finishing Touches

Our final tip on decorating your apartment is to add an accent rug. Rugs add color and texture to your apartment, allowing you absolute freedom and creativity in customizing your space. Consider your theme: trendy, minimal, modern, or chic. Consider trying something bold, such as layering rugs, stacking smaller rugs on larger rugs, or having large rugs overlap. Layered rugs add dimension, create a more cohesive space, and can bring a new sense of home to your apartment.

Want to decorate your apartment? There are plenty of home decor shops near ICO Ridge in Lehi. Some popular furniture and decor stores nearby include RC Willey, Ikea, La-Z-Boy, Ashley HomeStore, and Furniture Row. If your new apartment doesn’t quite feel quite like home, head to these stores and add some pizzazz to your day-to-day.

Three Benefits of Living in Lehi, Utah

Did you know that Lehi is the fifth fastest-growing city in the state of Utah? What used to be a small farming town has now doubled in size and is home to nearly 65,000 residents. Lehi hosts a variety of urban restaurants, retail shops, and premier technology and commercial centers such as Adobe, Vivint, and Microsoft. 

Whether you are moving to Utah for the beautiful scenery, business-friendly lifestyle, or a new life change, Lehi may be the perfect place for you! Here are three benefits to living in Lehi, Utah. 

Gorgeous Scenery

Lehi, Utah, is the base of the Traverse Mountains, a range that separates Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Filled with hiking trails and scenic lookouts, the Traverse Mountains offer a variety of outdoor activities for families and friends. 

In addition to the nearby trails, Flight Park is located not too far from Lehi, Utah, at the point of the mountain and is the perfect place to spend your Saturday afternoon. If you are a pro at hang gliding or paragliding, are interested in taking lessons, or simply want to enjoy the beautiful views, Flight Park is calling your name!

Great Dining and Entertainment

If you’ve never heard of Thanksgiving Point or the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, you are in for a treat! Thanksgiving Point has activities for all ages. Consider visiting their butterfly biosphere, museums, or seasonal activities such as their Tulip Festival in the spring and Halloween carnival in the fall.

The Outlets at Traverse Mountain are located right off the I-15 freeway and offer fine dining and shopping experiences for all. Shop until you drop at American Eagle, Nike, Columbia, Converse, and more, and when your arms are too tired to carry your bags, grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants nearby: Tsunami Restaurants & Sushi Bar, Bona Vita Italian Bistro, and Slapfish are all great options!

Central Location

You love the city life Salt Lake has to offer, but you don’t want to live in the heart of all the hustle and bustle. We get it. That’s why you should consider moving to Lehi, Utah. It is right between Salt Lake City to the north and Provo to the south, making it easy to travel all around the valleys. And if you don’t feel like driving, the FrontRunner is conveniently located right next to Thanksgiving Point. Take a 40-minute ride to Salt Lake City or make your way down south for a night out in Downtown Provo. It’s that easy! 

Lehi, Utah, is a beautiful city that would make a great area to live. From its gorgeous scenery to its fine entertainment and convenient location, you will fall in love with your new home in no time! If you are in the process of home hunting, add ICO Ridge Apartments to your list. Our convenient location, spacious apartments, and updated fixtures and appliances bring a whole new level to luxury living. Call us today for more information!