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Experience Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah

Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah

Lehi, Utah, is full of fun, exciting places and experiences! One of our favorite local destinations that is unique to Lehi is Thanksgiving Point. From ancient dinosaur fossils to beautiful butterflies, Thanksgiving Point has a lot to offer, in the way of both entertainment and education. Let’s take a quick look at five of these amazing Thanksgiving Point destinations.

Museum of Ancient Life

The Museum of Ancient Life holds one of the world’s largest mounted dinosaur collections, coming in at over 60 completed dinosaur skeletons. The Museum has a wide variety of things to do and see, including an erosion table and a chance to dig up some fossils for yourself! Take a trip back in time and come to the Museum of Ancient Life for an unforgettable, Jurassic experience.

Farm Country

Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point has all of the favorite farm animals like cows, goats, horses, chickens, sheep, and pigs, plus some more unique animals like llamas and peacocks! Farm Country is a great place for animal-loving little ones to see some fun, furry friends and learn some new things about farm life!

Museum of Natural Curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiosity is designed for curious minds of all ages to learn all about the world that surrounds us. This museum has over 400 interactive experiences, so it will be sure to entertain and excite each time you go! The Museum is incredibly unique and intriguing, and it is something you’ll definitely want to check out!

Ashton Gardens

Spanning over 50 acres, the Ashton Gardens is an “oasis in the desert.” Complete with 15 themed gardens, grand lawns, the largest manmade waterfall in the Western Hemisphere, and more, Ashton Gardens is a breathtaking destination. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the Tulip Festival that occurs in the spring, as well as the Luminaria light experience that occurs over the holiday season. Regardless of the time of year, there are always plenty of beautiful sights to see at Ashton Gardens.

Butterfly Biosphere

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point is a 40,000-square-foot venue that holds over a thousand butterflies from all over the world. This attraction is as beautiful as it sounds, and you’ll love every moment!

Thanksgiving Point is an impressive place to visit, and we are lucky to have it right here in Lehi, Utah! Be sure to stop by and experience the five amazing experiences at Thanksgiving Point! And while you’re in Lehi, be sure to check out our beautiful homes at our ICO Ridge property! We would love to give you a tour and even more reasons to love Lehi, Utah!