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How to Choose the Right Apartment

September 28th, 2018


Goldilocks had it easy. Choosing a thing that’s just right from only three options? What a snap! When you’re looking at apartments for rent, the number of candidates can be overwhelming. Answer these questions as you search to make your choice with confidence.

What’s your budget?

Not too many people can say that money is no object. For the rest of us, living within means is the surest way to lower stress. Before you start looking at apartments to rent, set a budget and stick to it. If you’re not sure how much rent you can afford (or you want some confirmation), this post from The Spruce has great tips and links to online rent calculators.

Where do you need to be?

It’s easy to find apartments to rent in convenient locations, so dream a little and identify the best spot for you. What’s your ideal neighborhood? Is it close to work, school, the community you want to be part of? Start your search there and see what you can get. If you discover you need to widen your circle to find other things that are important to you, fine. Just don’t forget that you’re buying time—meaningful minutes in every day—so don’t undervalue what a great location can do for your quality of life.

What amenities will add value?

Apartment amenities are part of what makes apartment living so good, and it’s easy to get star-struck by extras you never thought of. They don’t show up as an extra line item in your monthly rent, but they aren’t free. Keep your priority list in mind as you look at apartments for rent—the amenities that will make your day-to-day life better—so you’re not distracted by features that don’t provide meaningful benefit to you.

What’s the landlord’s reputation?

You might save a little money on properties offered by a private party, but you’re taking a chance on what kind of support you’re going to get as a renter. Apartments for rent in a complex with a reputable business behind them are going to give you professional support—quick response on service calls, walks and driveways that are plowed on time, peace of mind about your rent and deposit records.

Do you love it?

Looking for apartments for rent is about more than debits and credits, lists and check boxes. Your heart is part of the decision as well. You’re choosing your home, and you want to love it. You want to come home at night and be comforted and delighted. Designer details, quality fixtures and materials, open floor plans—these aren’t just extras. They’re the things that make you happy at home.

The sheer number of apartments for rent might overwhelm you, but if you can stay focused on the answers to your key questions you’re sure to find the one that’s just right for you.


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