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How to Make Your Apartment Cozy for Fall

November 1st, 2018


In summer, we want apartments that feel light, airy, fresh, and encourage us to go outside. In fall, we want to come inside and snuggle. Here are five ideas to give yourself the cozy fall home you want:

Set a harvest table:

In fall, we come inside and gather for feasting and celebration. Of course, we don’t feast every day, but setting a harvest table can invite those feelings of comfort and love. In most apartments, the dining table is prominent. Lay out a fall runner. Anchor the table with a fall centerpiece. If you’re looking for inspiration, this collection from Country Living is a great place to start. If you need to keep your dining table clear, centerpieces are also great for the coffee table or a sofa table.

Fire it up:

Is there anything cozier than a flickering flame? Many apartments don’t have fireplaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the warmth of fire. Distribute candles around the apartment for a flame to catch your eye wherever you look. Or for more of a fireside feel, arrange candles in bundles of varying heights and circumference. Multiply the effect by arranging candles in front of a mirror or on a mirrored tray. There are also faux-fireplace candle holders that group and arrange pillar candles for you at varying heights.

Layer up:

Fall is the season to pile on. Abundance and texture invites you to come inside and stay. Communicate fall warmth by adding throws, layering rugs, and multiplying texture. Look for deep, rich texture in cushions and throws—fringe, plushes, faux fur, nubby knits. If you’ve got a blank place on the wall, add texture with a macramé wall hanging.

Invite nature inside:

The changing of the seasons is nature taking charge, and you’re missing half the show if you leave it outside the door. This is the season to deck out apartments in organics. Add decorative accessories that connect you to nature—wood, pine cones, stone, branches, flowers. When you live in Utah, the abundance of nature is right outside your door. Let a spray of fall foliage star on a sideboard, or a collection of river stones anchor your candles.

Go lush with your linens:

We give a lot of attention to front rooms in apartments, but the bedroom contributes a huge portion toward the way we feel at home. Tell yourself the seasons are changing by making your bed into a rich, inviting nest. Pile up textured pillows. Add blankets, quilts, throws. Swap out a summer duvet for one that’s thicker and warmer. Then go ahead and turn down the thermostat at night. You know you’ve been waiting for the excuse.

During this season when nature is the star, apartments that are a pleasure to the senses will help you enjoy it to the fullest.


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