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The Places with the Best Views in Lehi, Utah

Woman hiking at the mountain

Lehi, Utah, is an awesome place. There’s Thanksgiving Point to explore, deals to score at the Outlets at Traverse Mountain, and nearby peaks to climb and see amazing views. This summer, spend some time in nature and experience the beautiful sights our area has to offer! To get you started, here are three of the places with the best views in Lehi, Utah:

Sensei Trail (Upper)

Officially opened in June 2019, Sensei Trail was the first of Lehi’s Traverse Mountains Trails System. The 5.2-mile trail is great for bikers, trail runners, and hikers and is considered an easy-to-intermediate hike. Once you make it to the highest point, you’ll see the valley below—one of the best views in Lehi, Utah! Head here to check it out. 

Jordan River Trail

The Jordan River Trail is a long one, running from Utah Lake almost all the way to Salt Lake. So hop on at the Thanksgiving Point Trailhead at 2450 N. 2700 W., hike for a bit, and turn around whenever you are ready! As you hike, you’ll have a great view of the vast Jordan River and the distant Mount Timpanogos. 

Turtle Hill

A short but good hike, Turtle Hill is a sunny trail (bring water!) with fun geocaching opportunities along the way. Novice hikers will find it of medium difficulty, but experienced hikers will have no problem making it up in 20 minutes. Once you make it to the top, you’ll have a great view of Eagle Mountain. Head over to Eagle Mountain City to try it out!

This summer, we hope you get out and enjoy some of the best views in Lehi, Utah. Hike up Sensei Trail, Jordan River Trail, or Turtle Hill for some beautiful sights you won’t forget! We hope you come to love Lehi as much as we do and consider moving to ICO Ridge Apartments so you can experience these views all year round!