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Workout in Your Apartment with These Tips

August 17th, 2017


Access to a gym is wonderful, but sometimes life happens. In fact, it happens all the time. When your schedule is packed and you only have 15 minutes to exercise, what can you do — especially if you’re living in an apartment?

You need a workout you can do anytime — exercises that are relatively simple and quiet, yet highly effective.

Climbing the Ladder

Ladder workouts help you pack a lot of work into a short amount of time. In a ladder routine, you do many sets, starting with high reps, then doing fewer reps with each set thereafter.

A wide variety of exercises can be part of your ladder setup, including pushups, dips, lunges and mountain climbers. You can add biceps curls, shoulder presses and lat raises if you have access to dumbbells.

Doing Cardio Quietly

Getting a solid cardio workout in an apartment setting is difficult, especially with the need to keep your noise level down. With a little creativity, though, you can get the blood pumping and heart racing despite your surroundings.

Here are a few quiet cardio exercises:

Low Lateral Steps – Slowly step back and forth from one side to the other in a low squat. Let the opposite leg trail behind your body.

Old-School Stair Steps – Walk up and down a set of stairs at your apartment complex, being careful to step up with the heel rather than your toes. If possible, attempt to ascend two stairs at a time.

Book Push — Stack your heaviest books on a towel atop a carpeted floor. Crouch in front of the stack and push it from one end of your living space to the other. Repeat as many times as necessary!

Yoga, Please

Yoga can be a serene, quiet, strength-building experience that is perfect for the apartment lifestyle.

There are hundreds of poses to explore, including well-known ones such as Plank, Downward Facing Dog, Mountain, Triangle, Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III.

You might want to especially consider yoga poses that work several parts of the body at once — especially if your allotted workout time is sparse.

Abs, Abs and More Abs

Many have “getting a six-pack” high on their to-do list, but even just developing a stronger core is a big deal.

Instead of getting lost in the many, many opinions on the Internet about hundreds of different ab exercises, be decisive and start working! Here are several options:

Try these from FitnessMagazine.com

Build muscle with tips from BodyBuilding.com

Advanced techniques from MensHealth.com

Working Out at ICO Ridge

The apartments homes at ICO Ridge in Utah feature a complete fitness center including cardio, spin and weight classes. Learn about other amenities here.


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